Transsib Moscow - Vladivostok

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This railway track has been the main railway in the country for 100 years. 9288 km from Europe to Asia, from Volga shores to the Pacific ocean, through prairies, taiga, mountain passes and great rivers of Siberia. It is a trip to Russian history from Siberia exploration, tragic pages of exiles, hard labour, to enormous industrial USSR projects.

We included five most popular stops in this tour: Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk Baikal, Vladivostok. Every stop means overnight at hotel. There are two long-lasting transits by train from Ekaterinburg to Irkutsk and from Baikal to Vladivostok.

Upon your wish you can expand your itinerary with any stops: Nizhny Novgorod which lays on the confluence of Volga and Oka rivers, the oldest cities far away from Transsib: Tobolsk and Tomsk, visit the family of horse breeders in Altai mountains, old believers in Buryatia or the unique Bridge Museum in Khabarovsk where the construction of Transsib was finished.

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Arrive in Moscow
You will be received by your driver in the arrivals lounge of the airport with a red sign “Artel Troika”. Transfer to hotel by a private vehicle. Get settled in hotel.

Meet your guide in the hotel reception and start your journey by a walk around the city to see the Red Square and the main historical landmarks. After lunch, visit the Kremlin and its Cathedrals. At the end of the day, you will walk by the Christ the Saviour Cathedral where you will get a panoramic view of the Kremlin and the Moskva River from the Bridge of Patriarchs.
Transfer to Kazan railway station by car. Your journey across the whole Russia has just begun!

The wide waters of Volga, the main river of the European part of Russia, seen outside the windows of the train are glowing in the morning sun. In the Kazan district its width reaches 10 km. Several minutes before arrival Kazan Kremlin (built in the 16th century) made of white stone and minarets of the Qol Sharif mosque will appear on a hill.
Meet your driver with a red sign “Artel Troika” by your railcar. Transfer to hotel, drop off your luggage. Kazan walking sightseeing tour with visit of Kremlin and the historical city center. Overnight in Kazan.

After breakfast meeting with your guide in the hotel reception. Start your day with Volga river cruise by a passenger ship. The ship is used by the locals when they want to get to their dachas situated on the river shores. Sviyazhsk excursion with visiting the island’s history museum and Dormition Monastery. Transfer back to Kazan by car. Free time. In the evening meeting with your driver in the hotel reception and transfer to railway station. Depart for Ekaterinburg.

Shortly before arriving Ekaterinburg you will see the Urals foothills and low forest hills looming outside the train windows. The nature starts to change: mixed wood with birch and pine trees turns into taiga mostly with spruce, fir and larch trees.
Meet your driver with a red sign “Artel Troika” by your railcar. Transfer to hotel.
Ekaterinburg sightseeing tour with visit of Church of All Saints, built on the place of the house where the royal family of the last Russian emperor was shot.
Overnight in Ekaterinburg.

After breakfast meeting with your guide in the hotel reception. City suburbs sightseeing tour by car. Stop by the monument on the border between Europe and Asia, where stones from the furthest points of the continent (Cape Roca in Portugal and Cape Dezhnev in Chukotka) are inserted. Visit of a monastery built on the place of Ganya’s Pit, which is the abandoned mine, where the bodies of the royal family were thrown after execution. Transfer back to Ekaterinburg.
In the evening meeting with your driver in the hotel reception and transfer to railway station.
Depart for Irkutsk.

A day on the train. The train goes through prairie not far from Kazakhstan border. In Omsk it crosses the Irtysh river, the World’s biggest tributary. In the evening the train arrives in Novosibirsk, the largest city in Siberia and its unspoken capital.

A day on the train. Depending on your train’s schedule you will cross Enisey, one of the greatest rivers in Siberia. The river is a conditional border between Eastern and Western Siberia. After a long trip over monotonous plains the foothills of Sayany mountains give some diversity to the landscape of Krasnoyarsk district.

In the morning arrive in Irkutsk (time difference with Moscow: +5h). Meet your guide by the railcar. Transfer to local cafe for breakfast. Irkutsk sightseeing tour by private vehicle (3h). Transfer to Listvyanka, a village situated 70 km away from Irkutsk on the bank of Baikal Lake. The road goes along the Angara river across taiga and villages. Get settled in hotel. In the afternoon have a rest after a long train journey. Free time to explore the village and its fish market without guide. Dinner at hotel, overnight in Listvyanka.

After breakfast meeting with your guide in the hotel reception. Transfer to Limnological museum (15m) and visit Baikal Museum in order to get acquainted with geography, flora and fauna of the lake. Proceed to Chersky Cape (728 m high) by cable car where you will enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the Angara River and Baikal Lake. Lunch at cafe with local cuisine. Transfer to Taltsy Wooden Architecture Museum situated 20km from Listvyanka along the Angara river. Proceed back to Listvyanka. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Early morning transfer to railway station. Depart for Vladivostok by train.
After a couple of hours the train starts to go up the Kultuk Pass from where the beautiful view of Baikal can be seen. After overcoming the Stanssib’s most steep descent the train arrives in Slyudyanka settlement which is famous for its marble railway station.
Afterwards the way goes 200 km along the Southern shore of Baikal.

A day on the train. The road goes through the least inhabited part of Trassiberian Railway.
The train overcomes the highest point of the railway, Yablonovy mountains (1019m) and goes further across the mountainous area of the Zabaikal region.

This part is the least inhabited on Transsib. It is where the Transsib’s pole of cold is situated. In winter the temperature here reaches - 50 C. In some places the railway track lies upon parts of permafrost. A small station Skovorodino is located on the border between Zabaikal region and Far East.

In the evening approaching the distance of 10 km only to the Chinese border the train crosses the bridge over the Amur river, the longest on Transsib. It is the very place where the construction of the railway was finished in the year 1916.

Arrive in Vladivostok in the morning. Meet your driver by the railcar. Transfer to hotel.
City sightseeing tour by car and Zolotoy Rog Bay cruise under new cable-stayed bridges to the Russky island and Vladivostok University campus.
In the evening dinner with sea delicacies.
Overnight in Vladivostok.

After breakfast meeting with your driver in the hotel reception. Transfer to airport.
Flight back home.

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