The four corners of the Baikal
At the beginning of March for just four weeks, Baikal experiences
a unique period. The furthest reaches of the lake become accessible
thanks to winter tracks and the weather is particularly good:
blizzards are rare and the days are long.
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The capitals of Eternal Russia
A classic itinerary of two capitals,
two eras and two different Russias.
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Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the whole Golden Ring
If you travel to Russia, plan enough time to visit the world’s largest country. This formula includes Moscow and Saint Petersburg
as well as a full tour of the Golden Ring.
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Transsib Moscow - Vladivostok
This railway track has been the main railway
in the country for 100 years. 9288 km from Europe
to Asia, from Volga shores to the Pacific ocean,
through great rivers of Siberia.
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Let us be your guide to the country where we were born

Why us?

What do you think of when you think of Russia?

Probably snow, vodka, bears and mafia. We are aware of the many clichés surrounding our country, but we are ready to bet that we can show you one thousand and one other sides. We have been organising personalised tours of Russia for more than ten years. Our clients visited Russia to make up their own minds about the biggest country on earth, not only to see its most iconic monuments.

Feedback from our clients is extremely important to us. We gather this feedback after the trip.

We were really impressed with Troika's follow-up - 10 minutes after the appointed time to meet the guides, the guides received a phone call from Troika to make sure we had arrived and met them. Feel free to use me as a Troika reference if needed. It would be a privilege.

Overall – everything was well-organized, well-paced. We appreciated the little things that you had done behind the scenes, for example, asking the tour guides to pass on some vital information to us. It was clear that you paid a lot of attention to detail, and we like that a lot.

Be inspired

We are always discovering something new in Russia
and let us share our experience with you